Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weekend trip to the Ellers

My dogs love to go to my parents farm in Indiana. Between chasing the barn cats to riding on the gator to running in the pasture to cornering critters, they are in seventh heaven. I'm not so sure my mother enjoys their "antics" as much as I do...but everyone admits that they are entertaining. A couple of Christmas ago, we spent 4 hours looking for Gordy and Scoop. We finally found them buried in a tunnel in the hay loft. We had to move 8 layers of old hay to uncover the pair. Just as I figured, Gordy had went into one of the many tunnels between the old hay in hot pursuit of a cat with Scoop close behind. When the tunnel ended at the bottom of the stack, it was two narrow for Scoop to turn around, so they were stuck. Boy did I get a dirty look from my mother on this misadventure.....! Since then, they have been banned from the hay loft. This trip, they managed to corner something in a fallen tree trunk....which, incidently had fallen over the creek. At first I was video taping them unconcerned, watching them jump up and over the tree trunk....wondering if they were going to fall in the creek. Then, the barks and growls became more aggressive and I saw blood. I hurriedly handed my camera, blackberry and flip video recorder to my sister-in-law and crawled out on the log. I grabbed Scoop by his tail and handed him to my brother and reached inside the log for Gordy (he's always the first to the scene!). I was really going to be mad if I got bit by an irate possum! All I could see of Gordy was his tail which I grabbed and pulled him out. (That's why the tail is left ~4-5 inches long to grab and pull out of a burrow). After dunking Scoop in the creek, I was relieved to see the blood was from where he bit his own lip. Guess, they are going to be banned from logs! Here's the video before I had to rescue them!

And here's another video of Gordy and Scoop digging in the pasture for "some critter".....which they never found! Talk about "Mission Impossible"! My niece, Kallie, had a great time digging with them!

Miss Kallie, Scoop, Gordy and Lannie

Since this is the Arthur Veterinary Clinic's blog and supposed to be informational, I'll post this history of the Jack Russell breed. I don't want to bore anyone with stories about my Jacks!


  1. Stories about your dogs could never be anything close to boring ... and they provided great fodder for my garden blog, too!