Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dax and Ella Grace

This picture is a great picture of "Ella Grace", the Clydesdale filly and "Dax", the Great Dane. Dax is 1 1/2 years old and owned by Gary Richards. Gary imported Dax from Finland. He is seen here muzzle to muzzle with Ella Grace after a chiropractic treatment by Dr. Linda. Ella Grace is the yearling raffle filly for the Clydesale Breeders Annual Sale being held April 23-25, 2009 at the Illlinois State Fairgrounds. The Arthur Veterinary Clinic is housing and fitting the filly for the sale. Raffle tickets are available at the clinic or by calling the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA at 815-247-8780.


  1. Ella Grace looks none to please with Dax!

  2. Ella Grace looks none too pleased to be that close to Dax!

  3. I love dogs as well....all breeds, so I love these photos. I'll take a stab at the breeds although there's some mix in a couple of them.
    Boomer is a Corgi, Barney is an Akita mix, Pumkin is a Wire Fox Terrier who's seriously in need of grooming, Meg is a long hair Dachshund, Chico is Pekingese, and Beze is a Mastiff? Hope you post the correct answers.