Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hooty and Quincy

Best Friends Forever

The Arthur Veterinary Clinic and its staff are committed to finding these little fella's good homes. We are not a rescue but couldn’t let these two sweet dogs be euthanized. Both dogs are what some may consider as "special needs". Please find it in your heart to help them out. These guys have had a rough start in life, but they are very sweet and deserve nothing but the best!

Hooty was found running along the road in sub-zero temperatures a few weeks ago. He is a little timid, but very sweet. We estimate that he is about 5yrs old. When he arrived he was in poor body condition and a matted mess. He does not have any teeth and is vision is not the best, but he has a heart of gold and is very loyal. We have treated him medically, given him a haircut and a good scrubbing, and he is now in tip top shape for his new home!
Quincy was relinquished by his owners. He has bilateral cataracts and is mostly blind in both eyes but manages to do VERY well getting around. A good bath and clipping some mats away and this guy is ready to go home with someone who will enjoy the company of an amazingly adaptable little doggy. Quincy is very social and loves attention. He is going to make a great addition to a very lucky home.

Check out the Hooty and Quincy album on Facebook for more pics of these cute little guys. Please call the Arthur Vet Clinic for more information. 217-543-3533



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