Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Millie Mae-the Pup from Turkey Neck Bend Ferry

Miss Millie Mae @ the AVC
This is a great story about a stray, Beagle mix puppy named Millie Mae. Monica Miller, a veterinary technician at the Arthur Veterinary Clinic and her family were staying at a bed and breakfast cabin near Thompkinsville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, they were in Kentucky for the funeral of Monica's grandmother. To reach their destination, they had to cross the Cumberland River at McMillan's Landing using the Turkey Neck Bend Ferry which is the only state funded ferry in Kentucky and one of the last remaining free-floating ferries.

Anyway, as Monica and her family were crossing the Cumberland River, they noticed a small, Beagle type pup which obviously was a stray. Monica noticed that the pup had very little hair on her legs, face and ears. Her skin was reddened and itchy. Even though the pup was being fed table scraps and junk food by the operators of the ferry, she was scrawny and thin. Plus, the temperature was in the 90s with very high humidity. What impressed Monica the most, though, was the pup's exceptionally happy attitude. I mean, we all know how dogs can have amazing, positive personalities....but this little pup really caught Monica's attention. Weighing only 7 pounds, she would approach everyone wagging her tail and wiggling her entire body as if she had the best life in the world! As Monica said, "she was perfectly happy and accepting of her lot in life". Well.......after a couple of trips across the river, Monica decided to bring "Millie Mae" back home with her to Illinois.

Millie Mae has been staying at the AVC where we have all fallen in love with her. She has been treated for sarcoptic mites, demodex mites, hookworms and roundworms. She has gained weight, grew hair and continued to demonstrate her extraordinary personality! Now, all she needs is a home. She loves people, has never made a mess in her cage and is great with sure and watch the video. We will make sure she goes to a great home! If you are interested in adopting Miss Millie Mae, please call the Arthur Veterinary Clinic.

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